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Unfaithful wife had an affair with her husband's literary editor

After half a year of union, the alluring, free-spirited and sexually insatiable house wife, Marta, feels that the fire wane and the appetite to have the literary editor husband, Dario, wither. Nevertheless, in the back ground of Mantua's famed literary festival, the young Marta will fall to the charms of a intriguingly handsome stranger, even'' the French Leon, while enjoying Palazzo del Te's vibrant murals. Naturally, Marta's scandalous affair behind her partner's rear will shortly be detected, while the funny Dario is {} by the terrified and ferocious flames of bliss. Perhaps a dash of jealousy is that Dario should wake his dormant excitement for the failed Marta.

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Date: 04 January 2019
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