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The Marvellon - S2 EP4

An older lesbian starts to fall for a younger lesbian who likes wearing men's clothing. Older, less secure, feminine lesbian and fashion designer, Isabel, falls for younger, more secure, butch lesbian who enjoys wearing men's clothing, Percival, when Percival arrives to Isabel's shop to order a new custom made men's suit for herself. Isabel's feminine ex, Lisa, is jealous of Percival as well as disapproving of Percival's androgyny and the fact that Percival uses strap on during sex, since Lisa sees this as a sign of a lesbian's need for a man, or at the very least a sign that a lesbian needs to compensate for not being a man. Isabel too is a bit scared of Percival's butchness but her curiosity to try something new as well as her genuine interest in Percival prevails.

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