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The Value of X - S1 EP4

Jeanette is a closeted, sexually confused high school senior in love with her best female friend Marnie. Zach, a daring out-of-closet gay student, agrees to help Jeanette figure out who she really is through sexual role play sessions. High school senior Jeanette (Tara Spencer-Nairn) finds herself struggling to figure out her identity. As one of the most popular girls in school, she has caught the eye of the most popular boy, Eric (Paul Lemelin). On one of their first encounters, she loses herself in fantasy, picturing him as a woman. Confused and frightened by these feelings, she conceals these "weird" desires from her best friend, Marnie (Rachelle Lefevre). She soon befriends Zachary (Jason MacDonald), a boy unlike the others she has encountered, to conceal her growing attraction to Marnie. Zachary and "J" understand one another in a way no one else can. Slowly, they embark on an exploration that allows them to know a deeper part of themselves.

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